Payment systems

In cooperation with our customers, we have developed various payment systems, which have been adapted to the different refuelling needs of a wide range of companies. The IQ Card team would be happy to advise you on which payment system would work best for your company!

Weekly Price in Advance

Prices valid from Monday to Sunday
Prices set at the beginning of the week
  • High level of transparency for refuelling costs
  • Fixed price, not subject to price fluctuations

Weekly Price in Retrospect

Price = the average of the daily purchasing prices during the previous week
Prices valid from Monday to Sunday of the previous week
  • The fairest payment system
  • Price information sent daily by e-mail

Daily Price

Price specified on the previous day
Price valid on the day concerned
  • Optimisation of refuelling costs by refuelling at the cheapest time
  • Daily price information